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Day Program

At Healing Steps we believe that each individual is unique in their own way and therefore programs will vary depending on the needs of the participant. Below is a description of the programs we offer, participants can be involved with all programs or just a few.


Individuals who participate in the vocational program will develop skills necessary in the work place. Some of the skills that will be developed include staying on task, following directions, time management, and personal presentation.

Some of the activities that will be used to help develop these skills include:

Meal preparation, Basic Cleaning, Arts & Crafts, Pet Care, and Horticulture Therapy

In addition, we will be working toward finding jobs once a criterion has been met; if jobs in the community are unavailable we will begin opportunities within the organization for the participants to earn income. Some possibilities that are being considered include Craft Shows, House and Business Cleaning, and yard work.


Individuals with a diagnosis of ASD will benefit from sensory stimulation and social skill development tailored to suit their specific needs.



Healing Steps has licensed clinical staff trained to work with maladaptive behaviors including but not limited to aggression, elopement, self-injurious behavior, and obsessive compulsive behavior. Participants who engage in maladaptive behavior have an Individualized behavior plan to assist in the treatment of behaviors. Staff are also available to visit the home of participants if parents/guardians request assistance with maladaptive behavior occurring in the home setting.

Healthy Living:

Healing Steps believes in a holistic approach to living which focuses on the importance of all aspects of life including healthy eating, physical activity, and stress relieving meditation. In every part of the daily program the overall well-being is thought of. Healthy Snacks and meals are prepared to contribute to overall well-being as well physical activity is provided to keep participants moving.


Participants who are in their wiser years (65+) may just want a place to relax at without a lot of strenuous activity. Healing Steps provides a calming environment with activities if participants wish to engage in.


Healthy diet and exercise are not the only ways that Healing Steps engages participants in healthy living. There are several forms of therapy that is used to engage participants in mind and body including:             Music, Pet, Art, Horticulture, and Clinical.

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