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Counseling Center

About the Program

The mission of Healing Steps Counseling is to provide quality, compassionate mental health services to individuals, their families, and the community through direct services that promote empowerment and increase access to mental health treatment, education, and community support.

Services Provided

We provide individual services for all ages children, adolescents, young adults, adults, and seniors. We also provide services for couples, families, and groups.

We focus on services for a wide range of mental health issues including but not limited to anxiety, depression, trauma, women’s issues, men’s issues, family dynamics, anger management, ADHD, Christian Counseling and many more.

The Process

To begin services there are a few steps that will need to be completed, please note that these steps can take around 1 to 2 weeks depending on how quickly items are submitted and availability.

Step 1

Contact the intake department at: or 708-654-3217 OR complete the intake form directly here.


Step 2

Submit all required documentation such as insurance, credit card, and signed consent forms.

Step 3

Schedule an initial assessment (The assessment could take up to two hours and can be done virtually)


Step 4

You will then be assigned a therapist. The therapist will reach out to you with their availability for the initial sessions.


Q: If I don’t connect with my assigned therapist can I switch to a different therapist?

A: Yes, we understand that not every therapist and client will be a good fit. Our goal is for you to
be as comfortable as possible and find the connection that will get you where you want to be. 
We do suggest that you give the therapist at least 3 sessions before requesting a change.

Q: How do I contact my therapist?
A: Every therapist may have a different way for you to contact them. In the initial session your
assigned therapist will share their preferred contact information.

Q: How do I cancel a session if I can’t make it?
A: You may cancel your session up to 24 hours in advance of your scheduled session. To cancel you contact your assigned therapist and let them know you need to cancel. The fee policy describes in detail the policy for cancelling sessions.

Q: How long will therapy take?
A: The timeframe for treatment varies with each individual case. Each treatment plan is personalized and is reviewed and reassessed every 6 months.

Q: What if I need medication? What if I don’t want medication?
A: Our goal is to manage mental health symptoms as naturally as possible. However, we do understand that sometimes medication is needed to supplement the natural remedies. If the client is open to medication, we will provide referrals to psychiatrists in the area as Healing Steps does not prescribe or monitor medication.

Q: Can I pay out of pocket instead of using my insurance?
A: Yes and No. If you have commercial insurance and wish to not submit claims to the insurance company, you will need to sign an Insurance Waiver form. However, if you have a Medicaid or Medicare plan you are not allowed to waive your insurance with Healing Steps as we are a Medicaid and Medicare site, and it is in our contract with the state that we accept this insurance for all clients who have these plans.

Q: Will I have to be given a diagnosis to receive services?
A: Yes, it is a requirement from the insurance companies that a diagnosis be submitted for all claims. However, this diagnosis is for reimbursement purposes only and is confidential.

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